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Lesson 9: Lotto and Lotto with Hints

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<p>Before doing anything else, log in.</p>
<p><a target="snap" href="">Start Snap!</a></p>
+ <div class="section">
+ <h2>Conditionals: Lotto</h2>
+ <p>Your challenge: Create a Lottery program.</p>
+ <p>It should set a variable (named 'secret') to a random number between 1 and 5.</p>
+ <p>Then ask the user for a guess.</p>
+ <p>If the guess equals the secret, have the sprite say "You won!".</p>
+ <p>Otherwise, the sprite should say, "Sorry, play again."</p>
+ <p>Blocks you will use: </p>
+ <p><img src=""></p>
+ <p><img src=""></p>
+ <p><img src=""></p>
+ <h2>Conditionals: Lotto with Hints</h2>
+ <p>Now make your Lotto program allow the user to keep guessing until they're right</p>
+ <p>It should still pick a random secret. This time, maybe between 1 and 10, or even 1 and 100.</p>
+ <p>But now, if the user's guess is too low, it should say, "Too low!" and let them try again.</p>
+ <p>If the user's guess is too high, it should say, "Too high!" and let them try again.</p>
+ <p>If the user guesses the number exactly, it should congratulate them and stop.</p>
+ <p>Blocks you will use:</p>
+ <p><img src=""></p>
+ </div>

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