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package main
import (
// StartCMD begins the program with command-line usage.
// Returns any errors encountered during operation.
func StartCMD() error {
// Check the config file
configFile := os.Args[1]
var err error
configuration, err = getConfigFile(configFile)
if err != nil {
return err
// Set default values
// Run the race test
err, responseData := StartRace()
if err != nil {
return err
// Output responses
return nil
// Function getConfigFile checks that all necessary configuration fields are given
// in a valid config file, and parses it for data.
// Returns a Configuration object if successful.
// Returns an empty Configuration object and a custom error if something went wrong.
func getConfigFile(location string) (Configuration, error) {
f, err := os.Open(location)
if err != nil {
return Configuration{}, fmt.Errorf("could not open configuration file: %s", err.Error())
defer f.Close()
buf, err := ioutil.ReadAll(f)
if err != nil {
return Configuration{}, fmt.Errorf("could not read configuration file: %s", err.Error())
var config Configuration
// Parse all data from the provided configuration file into a Configuration object
if err := toml.Unmarshal(buf, &config); err != nil {
return Configuration{}, fmt.Errorf("could not unmarshal TOML file: %s", err.Error())
return config, nil
// outputResponses logs the response data to the command line
func outputResponses(uniqueResponses []UniqueResponseInfo) {
fmt.Printf("Unique Responses:\n\n")
for _, data := range uniqueResponses {
fmt.Printf("[Status Code] %v\n", data.Response.StatusCode)
fmt.Printf("[Protocol] %v\n", data.Response.Protocol)
if len(data.Response.Headers) != 0 {
for header, value := range data.Response.Headers {
fmt.Printf("\t%v: %v\n", header, value)
fmt.Printf("[Location] %v\n", data.Response.Location)
fmt.Printf("[Body]\n%s\n", data.Response.Body)
fmt.Printf("Similar: %v\n", data.Count-1)
for _, target := range data.Targets {
fmt.Printf("\tURL: %s\n", target.URL)
fmt.Printf("\tMethod: %s\n", target.Method)
fmt.Printf("\tBody: %s\n", target.Body)
fmt.Printf("\tCookies: %v\n", target.Cookies)
if configuration.Proxy != "" {
fmt.Printf("\tProxy: %v\n", configuration.Proxy)
fmt.Printf("\tRedirects: %t\n", target.Redirects)
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