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package main
import (
// Function SetDefaults sets the default options, if not present in the configuration file.
// Redirects and verbose are both false, as the default value of a boolean.
func SetDefaults(config *Configuration) {
// Count
if config.Count == 0 {
// Set to default value of 100
config.Count = 100
// Function ReadResponseBody is a helper function to read the content from a response's body and refill the body with another io.ReadCloser, so that it can be read again.
func ReadResponseBody(resp *http.Response) (content []byte, err error) {
// Get the content
content, err = ioutil.ReadAll(resp.Body)
// Reset the response body
rCloser := ioutil.NopCloser(bytes.NewBuffer(content))
resp.Body = rCloser
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