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Drive CasperJS from Node.js

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Drive CasperJS from Node.js.



SpookyJS is available from npm.

$ npm install spooky


var Spooky = require('../lib/spooky');

var spooky = new Spooky({
        child: {
            script: './lib/bootstrap.js',
            spooky_lib: './node_modules'
        casper: {
            logLevel: 'debug',
            verbose: true
    }, function (err) {
        if (err) {
            e = new Error('Failed to initialize SpookyJS');
            e.details = err;
            throw e;

        spooky.on('error', function (e) {

        // Uncomment this block to see all of the things Casper has to say.
        // There are a lot.
        // He has opinions.
        spooky.on('console', function (line) {

        spooky.on('log', function (log) {
            if ( === 'remote') {
                console.log(log.message.replace(/ \- .*/, ''));

        spooky.thenEvaluate(function () {
            console.log('Hello, from', document.title);

A minimal example can be found in the repo under examples. Run it like this:

$ node examples/hello.js

A small example Cucumber.js test suite can be found in the repo under examples/cucumber. To run the suite:

$ make cucumber.js

You may change the port that the fixture server runs on by setting the TEST_PORT make parameter.

See the tests for an example of how to use SpookyJS with Mocha.


Running the tests

SpookyJS includes a suite of unit tests, driven by Mocha. To run the tests:

$ make test

The following make parameters are supported (defaults are in parentheses):

  • TEST_REPORTER the Mocha reporter to use (dot)
  • TEST_PORT the port to run the fixture web server on (8080)
  • TEST_TIMEOUT threshold in ms to timeout a test (4000)
  • TEST_SLOW threshold in ms to say a test is slow (2000)
  • TEST_ARGS Additional arguments to pass through to Mocha
  • TEST_DEBUG Print debug logging to the console (false)
  • TEST_TRANSPORT the Spooky transport to use when running the tests (stdio)


SpookyJS is made available under the MIT License.

Acknowledgements and Attribution

The image tests/fixtures/fail-road.jpeg is the work Fail Road and is copyright (c) 2007 fireflythegreat and made available under an Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

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