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don't just build, ship

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these are the slides i used for my talk at jquery conference austin. you can view them here.

i've posted this for reference, but it also serves as an example of the subject matter of my talk: tools that help you ship.

creating a secure github token

one of the ways you can automate the shipping process is deploying your app on every successful travis build. in order to do so, you need to give travis the means to push to your repository. a relatively secure, convenient way to do that is by including an encrypted github api token in your .travis.yml:

  1. create a github api token

  2. encrypt it using travis's secure variables:

npm install -g travis-encrypt
travis-encrypt --repo gh-user-name/gh-repo-name --key GH_TOKEN --value <github token>
> fsqKj4hKmeB8T28xIkrYZqwM6i9CMvOnUUGXcx...
  1. add that to your .travis.yml under the list:
     - secure: fsqKj4hKmeB8T28xIkrYZqwM6i9CMvOnUUGXcx...

now in your travis build, you can use the GH_TOKEN environment variable to push to your repo:

git clone https://${GH_TOKEN}

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