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a couple extemporaneous additions to everyone's fav_rite javascript library
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underscore extensions

version 0.0.2 (source)

a couple extemporaneous additions to everyone's fav_rite javascript library

ex•tem•po•ra•ne•ous |ikˌstempəˈrānēəs|

spoken or done without preparation: an extemporaneous speech.

those are cobras, man

_.memo(list, iterator, [memo], [context])

just like reduce except it automatically returns memo for you each time. and if you leave out the initial memo parameter, it defaults to a new object.


  • list: an array or object or something

  • iterator: a function that will be called as follows for each item in list:, memo, value, key)

  • memo (optional): return value of previous call to iterator. defaults to an empty object literal {}

  • context: the context in which iterator will be called. defaults to 'this'

returns: the return value from the last call of iterator

_.prop(obj, value, [key])

kinda like jquery prop() or attr(). in fact it's a lot like jquery prop() and attr(). except for strait up js objects.

obj is updated w/ the properties using _.extend():

 _.extend(obj, props);


  • obj: any js object

  • key: either a string for the property name or an object

  • value (optional): the value of the property (if a string was given for key)

returns: the object. what did you expect?

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