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9/12/13: Out of date... working on a replacement. this has changed a lot over the last couple years.

This is simply my standard blank HTML5 Wordpress theme. I use it as a jumping-off point for my
projects. It is based heavily on the "Blank" theme by Chris Coyier (it can be found at
The original theme is HTML4, so I HTML5'd it up and am adding a couple of stuff such as:
- four widget areas in convenient places for me: Header, Nav (for WP3 menu), Sidebar, Footer
- WP3 menus (create your menus and add as widgets within WP)
- a bunch of stuff in the functions.php file
- my very specific, and probably wrong, HTML5 document structure. If you think it is wrong, (for
  example, I don't think that I'm using <aside> correctly), let me know. A good thing, though - I am
  not using a wrapper div. The .body class works just fine for that in most cases.

That document structure is as follows:
BODY [body class, not to be confused with .body]
-SECTION.body [.index .page .single .archive]
--article [post class]
------[comment text]
---li (there are two li's, one for "prev posts" and one for "next posts")

There are two CSS files - ie.css and style.css. style.css uses a customized version of the new
normalize.css reset stylesheet. I've taken it from the stylesheet in the HTML5 Boilerplate by Paul
Irish and moved a few things around. It's basically structured as: reset styles first, then
fill-in-and-use styles. I've tried to put it together in a way that I don't usually have to touch
the reset section.

I use a faux-grid - basically a few extra classes that define half-width, quarter-width,
third-width, and sixth-width columns with gutters. It's not a perfect system but it helps me out
with layouts. There are a few media queries (ORIGINALLY based on Less Framework, now tweaked a lot)
that also have the grid classes built in. The default layout width is 960px.

I use "box-sizing: border-box" in my reset stylesheet for layout elements. This means that browsers
will calculate width and height to INCLUDE padding and border on those elements... see for more info on this. This works in Gecko/Webkit browsers, Opera,
and IE 8+. See below for my IE7- workaround.

There are a couple template html files for easy development.

My IE fallback system is pretty specific to my workflow as well:
- For IE9, I do nothing at this time
- IE8 is caught in the [if lt IE 9] conditional comment that contains the html5shiv and ie.css (IE
  stylesheet) so adjustments can be made to the layout if needed.
- IE7 and IE6 are also caught in the [if lt IE 9] conditional comment. They also get a different
  <html> tag that contains [class="ie7"]. This is because IE7 and below don't work with the
  box-sizing trick above, so we need to define different widths on those elements. ie.css has a few
  extra "grid" styles built in since IE6,7 don't support box-sizing, and IE 8 doesn't support
- Note: I'm using html5shiv. If you use Modernizr, that already has the shiv built in
- Note: IE 6-8 don't support media queries and will use the default 960px layout. You can use
  Respond.js (not included) to enable your media queries in IE, but I don't see a real need for it -
  IE is ONLY on desktop computers and 960px is a pefectly acceptable layout for nearly all folks.

I guarantee that this whole theme will change over time.

Comments/Questions? Contact me at my site or try leaving a comment here. Maybe I'll
see it.