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Separating out slide content and slide presentation

Why Slidedown.js

The goal of Slidedown.js is to make the generation of html/css/js slide shows to be as simple as creating a list in a markdown file.

Instead of being tied to one theme and one style, Slidedown.js frees you to change the appearance without changing your content. Slidedown.js is designed to be slide show agnostic. deck.js is bundled with the current version of Slidedown.js. More slide show programs and templates are coming soon.


Templates are inspired by the concept of themes in WordPress. Switching between them should be seamless. Right now, Slidedown.js comes with an Remies, named after a great bar in Marquette, Michigan

Template Tags

Templates and slides can implement template tags which will be replaced when the slides are generated. The current list of template tags is:

  • %=title=% — Replaced with the Title that is set by the slide show config

How it works

Slidedown.js requires nodejs and npm. Clone the repository and from the directory run sudo npm install -g. Then create a file and run slidedown.js. If you want to customize your presentation, a Slidedown.json file in your presentation directory can override any of the defaults (and any of the template defaults).


    'template': 'remies', //the name of the theme you want to you use.  If you are using an included template, this is all you need to specify
    'templatedir': slidedownDirectory + '/template/' + template, // If you are using a non included template, you need to specify where it is.  Should be a full path.
    'title': 'A Slidedown.js presentation', // Themes can use a template tag to add a title automattically
    'source': '', // the file that is used for the slides
    'port'; 9000 , // The port that the files are served on
    'publicDir': projectDirectory +  '/public' // where the processed files are added and served from.  
    'header': templatedir + '/header.html' // The header file
    'footer': templatedir + '/footer.html' // The header file
    'css': ['style.css'] // CSS that is specific to this slideshow.  Should be an array of file names that are in a css directory in the projectDirectory
    'js': ['script.js'] // JS that is specific to this slideshow.  Should be an array of file names that are in a js directory in the projectDirectory


projectDirectory refers to where you are running Slidedown.js.



Slidedown.js was written by Aaron Jorbin

Bugs & so forth

Please report bugs or request new features at the GitHub page for Slidedown.js:


Slidedown.js is dual licensed under the MIT license and GPL license. Individual slide shows have there own license.

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