The Clambake - Add retina-ready graphics, like your logo, to a responsive email.
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The Clambake

Traditional markup. Large container. Yummy deliciousness.

  • Retina Logo
  • Contained in adaptive dual columns.
  • No @media queries.
  • Zurb Responsive Email Template

Fluid layouts thrive on max-width and min-width. Unfortunately Outlook products do not support these features and creating pure fluid HTML email, especially those with dual columns, is borderline impossible. Outlook is not the only one with it's melon in the pig bucket. Per Campaign Monitor, the new Gmail 2.0 ignores styles in the head which rule out high-res @media queries. When it comes to HTML email newsletters, the farm is in disarray.

More details can be found at ZURB Playground.

The original markup can be found at Feel free to test it at Litmus.