Spawn vehicles, characters, animals, props and mess with the game in Just Cause 4.
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Just Cause 4 Console Thingy

Spawn anything and everything, vehicles, characters, animals, props. Enable infinite ammo, toggle hidden features.

How to Install

  • Download the latest version from releases
  • Extract xinput9_1_0.dll to your Just Cause 4 installation folder
  • Start the game and press the tilde (`~) or F1 key to open the console
  • OPTIONAL - Enable super fast game loading with the -quickstart launch argument via Steam


  • spawn - Spawn everything! Vehicles, characters, animals & props.
  • event - Trigger game events - CAUTION - Stick to using only the hints, unless you know what the event does
  • world - Change world parameters


  • Tilde (`~) or F1 - Toggle the input box
  • Escape - Clear current input text
  • Up/Down Arrows - Navigate the input history
  • TAB - Change focus to the hints list
  • When hints list is focused
    • Escape - Return focus to main input
    • Up/Down Arrows - Navigate the list
    • Enter - Append the current hint to the input text


If you want to compile the code yourself, you will need Visual Studio 2017 or later (or a compiler which supports C++17 nested namespaces)

  • Clone this repository
  • Run configure.ps1 with PowerShell
  • Build out/jc4-console-thing.sln in Visual Studio