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I initially uploaded to this repository a few spreadsheet files of bibliographic data pertinent to my work in social policy. As binary files saved with specific formatting for Microsoft Office, however, these files weren't truly 'open', nor were they appropriately version-controlled.

In an attempt to make my work as broadly-accessible as possible (while still retaining some control over the content of the files I curate), I am experimenting with other forms of data management.

I am currently using Google Spreadsheets to share and manage permissions for my reference documents. I do not view this as an ideal solution, and to help make my work better accessible (as well as to make it easier for people to share back with me their changes or contributions), I will make periodic dumps of the Google Spreadsheet, which I will upload here.

Please refer to the following Google Spreadsheets pages to see my work in progress:

global bibliographies and literature reviews

And for fun, here's a random document for which I have not made a happy home yet in this repository:

program evaluation

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