Tools for archiving your Cooper Hewitt shoebox.
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Tools for archiving your Cooper Hewitt shoebox.


This is wet paint. It's probably too soon for you. Things this does not do yet:

  • Archiving of anything but objects that have been collected
  • Honour / display privacy settings
  • Templates for generating HTML files
  • Responsive hoohah
  • Employ any kind of sane and modular code structure


$> make build

Note: You will need to have both the Go and make applications installed on your computers for this to work. It won't always be this way but it is early days still...



./bin/shoebox -h
Usage of ./bin/shoebox:
  -config string
    	The path to a config file containing your Cooper Hewitt API access token
    	Download fresh versions of third-party libraries
  -shoebox string
    	The path where your shoebox archive should be created
  -token string
    	A valid Cooper Hewitt API access token (if you don't have a config file or want to override it)


There is an sample shoebox in the example directory of this repository. To view it, open the example/index.html file in a web browser. Don't do this from GitHub though because they will serve a GitHub-ified version of the source raw than the raw HTML.

The details

Access tokens

You can create a Cooper Hewitt API access token here:

Config files

Config files are simple ini-style text files. Here's an example of one:


Viewing your archive

When we say "your archive folder" we are talking about the folder that you specified with the -shoebox parameter, above.

  • Copy your archive folder to a web server. Or:
  • Open the index.html file located in your archive folder in a web browser.

See also