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This is a collection of my data visualizations, mostly made with Python.

Cause of Death - Reality vs. Google vs. Media

Animated stacked bar chart - COD

This animation is an expansion on the excellent write up by Hasan Al-Jamaly, Maximillian Siemers, Owen Shen, and Nicole Stone for a project in Brad Voytek's UCSD course. The writeup can be found here:

Here's a static version updated for publishing in an upcoming data viz book by Spanner Books:

triple bar chart - COD


Data: Death: Reality vs. Reported

USA Births Per Month

The parts that stand out to me are the two big bumps 9 months after Pearl Harbor and 9 months after the war ended in Sep 1945. Those bumps are so big that the full chart pretty much only shows Baby Boomers.

Births Per Month in the USA - Heat Map

Births Per Month in the USA - Line Chart

Births Per Month in the USA - Box Plot

Births Per Month in the USA - Heat Map (Ranged)


Birth data: Human Mortality Database

Population data: US Census Bureau

Population data (aggregated): USA_Population_of_States_US_Census_Intercensal_Tables_1917-2017.csv

Mapping Religion

religion map

This was created as an example of 'coloring in' a premade SVG file. The SVG map of US counties was obtained from Wikimedia


Data: The Association of Religion Data Archives

Bird Seed Preferences

birdseed charts

The July 2018 r/DataIsBeautiful competition was based around improving a grid heatmap type of chart. If this was for work, those would be regular bar charts, but this was an exercise in coercing matplotlib into plotting bar charts on polar coordinates.


Data: Hardcoded from this image

Subreddit Traffic

dataisbeautiful time

dataisbeautiful day

'users_here' counts were scraped every 10 minutes from a few subreddits over the past couple weeks. Each subreddit has 3 charts: raw line chart, box plot by day of week, and box plot by 30 minute bins. Using this data, you could time posts, chat at peak times, etc. The janky but working scraper is here. More charts for 15 or so subreddits are here.


Data: Scraped every 10 minutes with simple script.

The Night Sky (HYG Database)

HYG Scatter Plot Twinkling


Data: HYG Stellar Database v3

Contest: r/DataIsBeautiful DataViz Battle 2018-03

State Same Sex Marriage Laws in the USA

State Same Sex Marriage Laws in the USA - Violin


State Same Sex Marriage Laws in the USA - Joy


Data: Pew Research Center via DataViz Battle Feb 2018

Contest: r/DataIsBeautiful DataViz Battle 2018-02

Contest entry: Reddit post - Honorable Mention

Religion of Nobel Prize Winners

Nobel Prize vs Population

This bar chart was an exercise in replotting the 3D exploded pie chart that appeared here. Data is the same, but augmented with population data to show how certain religions are over/under represented.


Data: Nobel Prize data and Global Population data from Wikipedia

Our Living Planet

EVI Animated Map

This GIF is shortened from the full dataset of 18 years to only 2 years due to file size restrictions. Full resolution videos from 2000-2018 are on YouTube.

All credit for the imagery products go to the NASA MODIS Science Team. I only collected the images into animations and annotated them.


Data: NASA MODIS Sensor on Terra Satellite LP DAAC

Annual Company Revenue vs. Annual CEO Compensation

Annual Company Revenue vs. Annual CEO Compensation - Dot Pairs


Data: Reddit post by u/k0m0d0z0

USA Population Rankings

USA Population Rankings - Bump Chart


Data (raw):

Data (manually aggregated/cleaned): USA_Population_of_States_US_Census_Intercensal_Tables_1917-2017.csv