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  • Browser needs to request the game state from the game engine
  • Game engine should make a query to https://api.geoloqi.com/1/place/list (post layer_id = "10S")
  • Browser should render a small dot marker for places with active = 1
  • Browser should register with the game engine to request updates of the game state
    • Browser should send its Jabber ID to the server
    • Server keeps a list of Jabber IDs seen and the date it was seen
  • When a new trigger is received, game engine should iterate through the list and for any clients seen in the last 10 minutes, send the location to each (This will be an API call to Phono, or if sending an XMPP message is easier, that will work too)
  • When the browser receives this message from the engine, it should remove the dot marker from the map