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PointRunner gives you points as you run! Define your route and get rewarded every time you go outside!

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Point Runner

A game! Neat! (description to come)


1) Clone the repository. 2) Ensure Xcode is installed on OSX, or the compiler environment for Linux 3) Install RVM! 4) Set your environment to JRuby: rvm install jruby && rvm use jruby 5) Install bundler: sudo gem install bundler 6) Install the packages by running this command: bundle install 7) Start the server in reload mode with shotgun: bundle exec shotgun -P public -p 4567 -OR- the faster non-reload version: bundle exec mizuno -p 4567 -E production 8) Point your browser to http://localhost:4567

To run tests: bundle exec test/test.rb

config.yml example:

development: database: "mysql://pointrunner:pass@localhost/pointrunner_dev" oauth_token: 1jd3f3f2blahblah production: database: "mysql://pointrunner:pass@localhost/pointrunner" oauth_token: 23Ejdf32blahblah

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