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Telegraph is an API for sending Webmentions
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Telegraph is an API for sending Webmentions.




  • Fork and clone this repo.

  • Install MySQL, composer, beanstalk, and phpunit if they're not already installed, e.g. brew install mysql composer beanstalk phpunit.

  • Start MySQL and beanstalkd.

  • Copy config.template.php to config.test.php. Update the appropriate values for your local environment if necessary.

  • Run these commands to install the dependencies, create a local database, and run the tests:

    $ composer install
    $ mysql [ARGS] -e 'CREATE DATABASE telegraph;'
    $ mysql [ARGS] < migrations/schema.sql
    $ phpunit
    # Hack hack hack!


Telegraph photo:

Telegraph icon:


Copyright 2016-2018 by Aaron Parecki

Available under the Apache 2.0 license. See LICENSE.

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