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Jawbone UP API

This gem can access the (unofficial) Jawbone UP API. Currently login and a few other methods are implemented, and you can always make raw API requests as well.


gem install jawbone-up

Basic Usage

require 'jawbone-up'

up =
up.signin "", "passw0rd"

sleep_info = up.get_sleep_summary
sleep_info['items'].each do |item|
  date = item['time_created']
  puts date.to_s + " " + item['title']

You can also create a session from a stored token:

require 'jawbone-up'

up = :auth => {
                              :xid => 'xid-from-previous-session', 
                              :token => 'token-from-previous-session'

More Info

I will eventually be implementing more API methods as session functions. In the mean time you can make raw API requests with the "get" and "post" methods.

See for full API documentation

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