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The functionality of this project has moved to and is no longer based on ZenIRCBot.


A zenircbot service that implements a !meme command to generate a meme img


Top text is filled with message before the first '.' is encountered. Unless there is no '.', then all of the text is put on the bottom of the image.

Default image is the Aliens guy:

You can override the default image by putting an image url or search term after the message surrounded by [].


!meme I don't always test my code. | But when I do, I do it in production []

!meme Top | Bottom []

!meme Top | Bottom [largest bunny]

Auto-detecting memes

Certain sentences will be auto-matched according to the regexes in config.js, and memes will be created without explicitly using the !meme command.

Feel free to add new meme templates to config.js!


The service will also send topic messages to the !meme command on topic change, if your version of zenircbot supports it. I have a fork of it on my github, which supports it, and will update here after I send a pull request to wraithan.

Also it uses for the meme genereation. You could theoretically run that on your own server using