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An F# wrapper around Cosmos DB's .NET SDK to make it more friendly for F# developers
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FSharp.CosmosDb 🌍

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This project is a wrapper around the Cosmos DB v4 .NET SDK to make it a bit more friendly to the F# language.


Install via NuGet:

dotnet add package FSharp.CosmosDb

Or using Paket:

dotnet paket add FSharp.CosmosDb



open FSharp.CosmosDb

let host = "https://..."
let key = "..."
let findUsers() =
    |> Cosmos.connect key
    |> Cosmos.database "UserDb"
    |> Cosmos.container |> "UserContainer"
    |> Cosmos.query "SELECT u.FirstName, u.LastName FROM u WHERE u.LastName = @name"
    |> Cosmos.parameters [ "name", box "Powell" ]
    |> Cosmos.execAsync<User>

The result from a query is an AsyncSeq via FSharp.Control.AsyncSeq.

let main argv =
    async {
        let users = findUsers()
        do! users
        |> AsyncSeq.iter (fun u -> printfn "%s %s" u.FirstName u.LastName)

        return 0
    } |> Async.RunSynchronously

FSharp.CosmosDb.Analyzer 💡

NuGet Badge - FSharp.CosmosDb

Also part of this repo is a F# Analyzer for use from the CLI or in Ionide.

Analyzer in action


  • Validation of database name against databases in Cosmos
    • Quick fix provided with list of possible db names
  • Validation of container name against containers in the database
    • Quick fix provided with list of possible container names
  • Detection of unused parameters in the query
    • Quick fix provided with list of defined parameters (if any)
  • Detection of supplied but unused parameters
    • Quick fix provided with list of declared parameters


1. Set two environment variables:

  • FSHARP_COSMOS_HOST -> The host address of your Cosmos DB
  • FSHARP_COSMOS_KEY -> The access key of your Cosmos DB

2. Install the Analyzer from paket

paket add FSharp.Cosmos.Analyzer --group Analyzers

3. Enable Analyzers in Ionide

Add the following settings (globally or in the workspace):

  "FSharp.enableAnalyzers": true,
  "FSharp.analyzersPath": ["./packages/analyzers"]



Thank Yous

  • Zaid Ajaj for the Npgsql Analyzer. Without this I wouldn't have been able to work out how to do it (and there's some code lifted from there)
  • Krzysztof Cieślak for the amazing Ionide plugin
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