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title = "Securing SPA's at NDC Security"
date = 2018-05-22T15:25:18+10:00
description = "Some info about my NDC Security talk on Securing Single Page Apps"
draft = false
tags = ["javascript", "speaking", "security", "pluralsight"]
Last week I had the pleasure of speaking at the first [NDC Security Australia]( on the topic of Securing Single Page Applications.
This talk was an extension of a recent [Pluralsight Play by Play]( that [Troy Hunt]( collaborated on under the same topic.
The slides from the talk are available [here](!AuqPraTuWKFLt8t--Dk_3Xdz_UO7YQ).
In the talk I refer to [this blog post]( about harvesting credit card details using npm packages and that you can use tools like [Sonar](, [Retire.js]( and []( to track issues in your external dependencies.
I also talked about creating keyloggers in CSS, using [this PoC](, but I might write a bigger piece about that in the future.
I think this is a great talk, and a topic that is too often overlooked, so if you'd be interested in learning more get in touch and we'll see if I can't work out a time to present it again :grinning:.

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