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Node Version Manager for PowerShell

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This is a simple PowerShell module for installing and using multiple Node.js versions in PowerShell. This is inspired by creationix's nvm tool for bash.

Works on Windows, macOS and Linux.

Getting Started

# Install from the PowerShell Gallery
Install-Module nvm

# Install Node v7
Install-NodeVersion 7

# Set active Node version in PATH to v7
Set-NodeVersion 7

# Set default Node version for the current user to v7 (Windows only)
Set-NodeVersion -Persist User 7

# Install the Node version specified in .nvmrc or package.json engine field

📖 Full Command Reference


Semver ranges

ps-nvm works with semver ranges as used by npm. For example, you can pass ^6.0.0 or just 6 to Install-NodeVersion to install the latest 6.x.x version, or even >=6.0.0 <9.0.0 to install the latest version between v6 and v7. Versions returned are SemVer.Version objects that can be compared with comparison operators like -gt and -lt.


If you don't specify a version for commands, ps-nvm will look for an .nvmrc plain text file in the current directory containing a node version to install.

package.json engines.node

If you don't specify a version and no .nvmrc is found, ps-nvm will read a package.json file in the current directory and use whatever version satisfies the engines.node field.


# Install dependencies
cd .scripts
dotnet publish -o ..
cd ..

# Run tests
Install-Module Pester

# Regenerate documentation
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