A Visual Studio Code plugin for working with Espruino
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Espruino for VS Code

This is a plugin that allows you to write and deploy code to your Espruino micro controller.

How to use it

Once installed into VS Code you'll find a bunch of new commands prefixed with Espruino that you can run.


Once you install the extension from the marketplace you will run into an issue with it not firing up properly. This is due to the fact that it relies on a couple of native Node.js extensions, but due to this vscode issue there is a manual install step.

Getting the native modules


If you're using Windows I have precompiled the contextify and serialport modules, which you'll find in the .native-prebuilt folder. Copy these into the folders for these two modules.


You'll need to rebuild the native modules yourself, to do that you can use the electron-rebuild Node.js package. Once that is installed you then need to:

  • Install Node.js 4.1.1 (which is what VS Code/Electron uses) ** I'd recommend using nvm to install multiple versions
  • Run electron-rebuild with 0.34.5 as the Electron version

You may need to move the folder which serialport compiles to, I did on Windows, but am unsure about other OSes.

If you do get a non-Windows OS up and running I'd appreciate you sending me the binaries so I can include them.