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So... this is basically Reveal.js, but with the Grunt/Node stuff stripped out.

Demo is here

I just take a release snapshot of Reveal, stripped out what I did not want.

My workflow (and I assume yours as well) is that you want a template presentation to start from, but are not interested in cloning or forking as you will want to change lots of stuff. So... I just get an archive of the repo, edit some basic stuff, and check it into a new repo.

To install:

mv revealz-master myNewPresentation
cd myNewPresentation/

If you are already on a server in a web accessible directory... just got to the URL and you are rolling.

To run a local (port 8000) webserver (to get the markdown includes to work) I just use:

python -m SimpleHTTPServer

Every server has python... and I like Python.

Go ahead and check that baby into your new repo and roll...

The main idea is that the index.html file has been stripped down, the js config moved to a config.js file, and the FULL presentation content comes from

You heard me... ALL the slide content is in one file...

You use --SLIDE-- on a line by itself to indicate the next horizontal slide. You use --SUBSLIDE-- on a line by itslef to indicate the next vertical sub-slide.

You can just use html comments inline to write notes etc:

<!-- Topic: xxx -->

<h1>Slide 15</h1>


<h2>Sub Slide 15--1</h2>

There is an images directory and you can either use markdown or raw html to embed images etc.

Thats it... pretty basic, but a template for a single markdown page presentation in Reveal.js


A simple adaptation of Reveal.js that assumes you want to have your whole presentation in one md file




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