Apple HealthKit XML -> GPS routes on HTML 5 canvas. An experiment in data viz
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Provide an Apple HealthKit XML export and the magic within will help you parse out GPS routes, spin up a small Vue.js + Nuxt.js application, and serve up your routes plotted on HTML5 canvas elements. Have fun!


None of the included code will ever upload your HealthKit or GPS data to any location. Please open an issue on GitHub if you feel that some element of this project may compromise a users security!


  • Node 8.x LTS
  • yarn (you can install yarn with: npm i -g yarn)


  • run yarn install
  • import HealthKit data — see below
  • run yarn process to pull HealthKit data apart and generate the JSON needed by Nuxt.js application
  • run yarn dev & open http://localhost:3000 in your browser

Importing HealthKit data

  • Export your Apple HealthKit data (instructions for iOS 12):
    1. Open the Health app on your iPhone
    2. Select Health Data at the bottom of the screen
    3. Select the portrait icon in the top right
    4. Press Export Health Data, and confirm the export.
      • It may take some time to export.
    5. Email or AirDrop it to yourself, and continue below.
  • Extract your HealthKit data export from the .zip archive.
  • Copy the export.xml file to the ~/_raw folder at the root of this repository. Do not rename the file.

More information

  • Feel free to direct questions to the issues section or hit me up on Twitter @aaronransley 👋