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Nuxt module for Datadog tracing of SSR / HTTP requests
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A module to add dd-trace / Datadog APM tracing to your Nuxt application. Captures requests passing through the Nuxt instance / http module in Node.js.

Note: This module is in alpha stages at the moment, and doesn't yet provide an interface to the dd-trace scope manager.


  1. Install npm package
$ yarn add nuxt-datadog-trace # or npm i nuxt-datadog-trace
  1. Edit your nuxt.config.js file to add module
export default {
  modules: ['nuxt-datadog-trace']
  1. Change options as needed. See Usage section for details.


  1. Configure dd-trace instance by adding datadogTrace to nuxt.config.js.
export default {
  datadogTrace: {
    hostname: '',
    logInjection: false
    // ...
  1. By default, nuxt-datadog-trace is configured like so:
export default {
  datadogTrace: {
    hostname: process.env.DATADOG_AGENT_HOST,
    env: process.env.NODE_ENV,
    service: require('./package.json').name,
    logInjection: true


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