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a chicken Chicken Facts showcases useful and informative chicken facts.


If you visit, you'll get a new, random chicken fact. Click another to get a new one, or copy the URL to share with friends.


The chicken facts were gathered from various sources on the internet. There is a link to the source for each fact.

Imagery was provided by Vecteezy.

The content is generated with Jekyll and presented with minimal html, css and javascript. No large libraries or databases are used.

The original design and functionality is described in the blog entry. Things may have changed since then.


There is an API available. Check out for details.

Add a Fact

Chicken facts are accepted via a pull request and greatly appreciated. Otherwise, just add an issue.

If you're adding a lot of facts, you might want to use the PHP script located at bin/add. You should be able to run that and insert your facts. It'll create the template.


This project was created by Aaron Saray.