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A quick LAMP container for Docker for testing/demonstrating things
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Docker LAMP Test Bed

I found a great Docker Hub image at greyltc/lamp - but I needed a few changes for my development setup. I use this for development, experimentations or demonstrations. Do not use this image for a production-based system as I've configured it.

Changes from Original Image

  • document root is now /srv/http/public, but you should still mount at /srv/http. This allows you to have PHP code outside of doc root.
  • display errors is turned on for PHP

Recommended Docker Run Command

docker run --name lamp-testbed -p 9080:80 -p 9443:443 -v ~/your-project:/srv/http aaronsaray/lamp-testbed

This does the following:

  • pulls the container aaronsaray/lamp-testbed
  • names the container lamp-testbed
  • forwards all requests on http://localhost:9080 to the container's apache
  • forwards all requests on https://localhost:9443 to the container's SSL apache instance
  • mounts the files from your directory ~/your-project to /srv/http in the machine (remember, it's public as a doc root, so your local code must have that, too)

You can view for great instructions on his original image.

Further Considerations

Again, I can't stress this enough - this should only be for quick experimentation. Even for local development, using something like this can be bad. Your production systems may not ever have a local MySQL for example - plus this concept defies Docker's single-container single-concern type of model. So, once you've proved your point with this throw-away docker image, please use individual ones for PHP + MySQL.

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