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This is a toolset to be incorporated into your plugins for managing their releases on github
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WordPress Plugin on GitHub

This is a drop-in library (or suggested composer install) to handle automatic updates for your GitHub hosted WordPress plugin. This was highly influenced by this article

Please note that this does not support private repos at this time.

Installation Instructions

Install the latest version with

$ composer require wpog/wordpress-plugin-on-github

Usage as a Composer Library

There are three parameters to the update watcher. The first is the full file path to the current plugin file. PHP's magic constant of __FILE__ works brilliantly here. Next is the GitHub user name or organization name. Finally, the GitHub project name is required. (Please note, this is the project or repo name - it does not end with .git).

Add the following to your main plugin file.

if (is_admin()) {
    new \WPOG\UpdateWatcher(__FILE__, 'githubUserName', 'projectName');

Usage as a Drop in Library

This usage is not recommended. However, in order to do this, drop in the source files into a location in your plugin, and then do a require to bring in the main UpdateWatcher file. This project also has dependencies on Parsedown, so you'll need to install this as well.



  • WordPress 4.x
  • PHP 5.4+


Should I be versioning my composer vendor library in my WordPress plugin? I thought you normally didn't do this.

At this point, you need to version the composer vendor folder in your WordPress plugins. In the future, hopefully it won't be like this. :)

I get warnings when I do an update on a WordPress plugin with this file

I know. I don't know a good solution at this point - but it still works. WordPress should be checking if a file exists before opening it - but they don't.

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