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Haskell Stack support for Heroku
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Heroku Buildpack for Stack

Heroku buildpack for Stack. Based on the excellent heroku-buildpack-ghc


Create an app with this buildpack:

$ heroku create --buildpack

Set this buildpack on an existing app:

$ heroku buildpacks:set

Templating stack.yaml

To avoid committing secrets into stack.yaml for access to private repos, an app's config vars values can be substituted for tags enclosed in double brackets. For example, given a stack.yaml containing:

    git: https://mfine:{{GITPASS}}

and an application with config vars:

$ heroku config -app calm-storm-51595
=== murmuring-beyond-51595 Config Vars
GITPASS: abc123

before compilation, the stack.yaml will be substituted as follows:


Makefile Support

This buildpack now supports an optional Makefile, in case you need to coordinate other build steps with Stack. It assumes that the Makefile includes a make install target that uses the Stack build command with the flag --copy-bins. For example, a possible install target configuration in the Makefile could be:

install: stack build --copy-bins
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