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ncl_lazy_vim README

If you are using vi/vim/gvim for scripting with NCL, you can sometimes hardly remember NCL commands or you are just too lazy to type out "gsFillWTF..." all the time, this might be something for you.


Configuration instructions

  1. Download the two .txt files "NCL_functions.txt" and "NCL_resources.txt" from the ".vim" folder in this repository into your ".vim" folder
  2. Add the lines of "add_ncl_complete_to_your_vimrc" to your "~/.vimrc" to include the complete function
cat add_ncl_complete_to_your_vimrc >> ~/.vimrc

If you don't have a .vimrc file yet, you may also just my working example "example.vimrc" and rename it in your $HOME


  1. Variable completion: Set a file path and 'ENABLE' vars_completion in your ".vimrc"
    - requires CDO - if you have a neat idea how to implement it with NCL commands please approach me animation
  2. For now, the first 12 (random number) words of NCL Resources are displayed in the pop-up window before the last two words as "Default information" separated by "...". If you usually work on a wide vi window, you can modify this number of strings.
  3. If you fancy other auto-completion setting, play with the line
set complete=longest,menuone

The current setting completes up to the last common string and then shows a menu. Other options are listed in the vim help or'completeopt'

Syntax highlighting:


  • copy "ncl.snippets" into "/.vim/bundle/vim-snippets/snippets" after you installed the vim plugin snipmate
    There are also a few snippets for loops and some combined graphic commands in the end of the file, just check it out. Type the snippet (any command from "ncl.snippets", basically all commands that require brackets) and press <Tab>

Operating instructions

Start typing your desired cdo command and hit <Ctrl-X><Ctrl-U>


Get the following autocompletion options

gsFillBackgroundColor   NCL Res: This resource of type ... Default: Transparent
gsFillColor             NCL Res: This resource of type ... Default: Foreground
addfile                 NCL Func.: 
addfiles                NCL Func.:
<ncl_command>           <type>: <description>         ... Default: <value>

Hit <Ctrl-N> go get the first shown match


Hit another <Ctrl-N> to choose the next match or move down with arrow keys and hit for your choice

Copyright and licensing information

  • MIT

Known bugs

  • static ncl data

Contact information

Aaron Spring
Bundesstraße 53
ZMAW Room 122


  • v0.1: uses all NCL resources and NCL functions from website as of 2016/09/18
    also completes variables gathered by 'cdo vardes files' if cdo installed and vars_completion enabled
    requires '*.ncl' files
    ncl_completion can be enabled or disabled in .vimrc
  • v0.2: static snippets and static syntax highlighting
  • v0.3: updated towards NCL 6.4.0
  • v0.3.1: bug fix in example.vimrc:

Working on

Credits and acknowledgements

  • Prince K Xavier, the dude who set up auto-completion for NCL and made me think to do this for CDO first and now I'm back to NCL

Sister project

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