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Get to the information you need faster!

The Quick Links browser extension allows you to rapidly access previously visited webpages without needing to dig through your browser history or bookmarks bar. All you have to do is come up with a memorable name for a webpage you want to visit again, then later, you only need to type that name into your URL bar, and you are there!

For example

If you wanted to bookmark you could just give it the name quicklinks. Then when you needed to go back to that page, you could just type go quicklinks into your URL bar, and you'll be taken directly there.

This works everything, be it a public webpage, private Google Doc, a social media profile, a browser extension settings page, or even a local file. It's fast. It's easy.

Dynamic links

You can also use this extension to cut out the middle-man. Say you wanted to search Google Maps. Ordinarily, you would have to navigate to the page, and then enter your search.

With Quick Links, you can search almost any website with a search function directly from your URL bar. For example typing go maps/restaurants near me into the URL bar could take you directly to the Google Maps search results for "restaurants near me".

How to use it

After loading the extension, type go links into your URL bar, then press enter. You will be directed to the link manager page. Here you can create, delete, and view your links.

To use a quick link, enter go *YOUR_QUICK_LINK* into the URL bar.

To do simple replacement of link text, use %x# where # is a digit [0-9]. In the Quick Link, each %x variable may only be preceded by a / character, and may only be followed by a / or the end of the link. In the URL, the text will be placed at the location of the corresponding %x variable. The variables in the URL may be placed anywhere. For example:

Quick Link URL

With this you could type go wiki/potato to go to the page

Built-in links

Some links are built-in and cannot be deleted or changed.

  • help
  • links
  • links/help
  • links/new
  • links/new/*
  • links/export
  • links/import

The export and import pages may be used to copy your data from one computer to another.

Public domain images