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Blueiris in a docker using wine!
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This is a Container for BlueIris based on solarkennedy/wine-x11-novnc-docker

This container runs:

  • Xvfb - X11 in a virtual framebuffer
  • x11vnc - A VNC server that scrapes the above X11 server
  • noNVC - A HTML5 canvas vnc viewer
  • Fluxbox - a small window manager
  • WINE - to run Windows executables on linux
  • blueiris.exe - official Windows BlueIris
docker run -d \
  --name="BlueIris" \
  -p novnc-port:8080 \
  -p vnc-port:5900 \
  -p blueiris-webserver-port:81 \
  -v /path/to/data:/root/prefix32:rw \

Known Issues:

  • Saving and restoring settings backup via the BlueIris interface does not work!
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