Materials, data, and analyses for experiments investigating the entailment properties of implicative verbs
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This project contains materials, data, and analysis scripts for a large-scale contradiction detection experiment investigating implicative verbs (Karttunen 1971). These experiments were designed and run by Aaron Steven White using Ibex. The experiment was hosted on Ibex Farm and deployed on Mechanical Turk.

A small portion of this work was presented at the Linguistics Society of America Annual Meeting 2015. A manuscript describing all the experiments found here is now available on my website and in the papers/ directory.



This directory contains all the materials needed to run the experiment. This includes item generation and Ibex templating scripts (, the configuration files (js/experiment.js) generated by those scripts, and all the instructions given to participants during the experiments (in html/).


This directory contains the raw data file pulled from Ibex (results.ibex). results.preprocessed was generated from results.ibex using in the analysis/ directory, which reformats the data and removes data from participants that did not officially submit a Human Intelligence Task (HIT) for this experiment.


This directory contains the analysis script for the manuscript found in papers/ as well as a preprocessing script for use on the raw Ibex data.


This directory contains a paper based on the data.