LXQ is an automation platform for LXD
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LXQ is an automation platform for LXD

System Requirements

  • LXQ is tested on Ubuntu 18.04 and is designed to be used on a fresh Ubuntu 18.04 VM.
  • All containers are Ubuntu 18.04
  • Processor, RAM, and Hard drive requirements are based on what/how many apps you install and usage of those apps.


lxq update

  • Updates LXQ

lxq init

  • Enables UFW (SSH Only)
  • Updates the Host
  • Removes LXD Packages and Installs LXD via Snap
  • Setup and Configures LXD
  • Setup and Configures a nginx container to serve as a reverse proxy
  • Forwards ports 80/443 from the host to the nginx container

lxq install <appname> <domain_name>

  • Creates and updates a container
  • Installs the app inside the contianer
  • Generates a .conf file, pushs it to the nginx container and reloads nginx (if needed)
  • Automatically forwards any needed ports to your app (if needed)

lxq remove <appname>

  • Removes Container
  • Deletes .conf from the nginx container
  • Reloads Nginx
  • Updates Firewall Rules

lxq backup <appname>

  • Creates a backup of the app
  • Run without a appname, it backups all containers.

lxq conf <option>

  • purge - delete the LXQ conf file
  • edit - opens the conf file to edit it
  • run without an option shows you the LXQ configuation

lxq wildcard <dns>

  • Setups Wildcard Cert
  • Only supports Cloudflare for now. Want another DNS provider? Open a Issue.


First, get the script and make it executable :

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/aaronstuder/lxq/master/installer/setup.sh

chmod +x setup.sh

Then run it :


After the install is complete :

source ~/.profile

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/aaronstuder/lxq/master/installer/setup.sh && chmod +x setup.sh && ./setup.sh && source ~/.profile

Available Apps

  • BookStack
  • Cockpit (Installed on the Host, Proxied via the NGINX container)
  • Nextcloud
  • Netdata (Installed on the Host, Proxied via the NGINX container)
  • Pi-hole
  • Rocket.Chat

Directory Structure

  • /etc/lxq/lxq.cfg - Main LXQ conf

  • /opt/lxq/ LXQ Install Directory

  • /opt/lxq/apps/<appname> One folder for each app

  • /opt/lxq/apps/<appname>/<appname>.conf Conf file for that app

  • /opt/lxq/apps/<appname>/<appname>.install installation procedure

  • /opt/lxq/apps/<appname>/<appname>.rules Firewall Rules for app

  • /opt/lxq/apps/<appname>/files/ files needed for installation or configuration