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#!/usr/bin/env python
import sys, re, os
from lxml import etree
except ImportError:
sys.stderr.write("** Could not import lxml! Rule validation SKIPPED.\n")
sys.stderr.write("** Caution: A resulting build MAY CONTAIN INVALID RULES.\n")
sys.stderr.write("** Please install libxml2 and lxml to permit validation!\n")
if len(sys.argv) > 1:
sys.stderr.write("could not chdir to %s\n" % sys.argv[1])
sys.stderr.write("usage: %s directoryname\n" % sys.argv[0])
def test_not_anchored(tree):
# Rules not anchored to the beginning of a line.
for f in tree.xpath("/ruleset/rule/@from"):
if not f or f[0] != "^":
return False
return True
def test_bad_regexp(tree):
# Rules with invalid regular expressions.
for f in tree.xpath("/ruleset/rule/@from") + \
tree.xpath("/ruleset/exclusion/@pattern") + \
return False
return True
def test_unescaped_dots(tree):
# Rules containing unescaped dots outside of brackets and before slash.
# Note: this is meant to require example\.com instead of,
# but it also forbids things like .* which usually ought to be replaced
# with something like ([^/:@\.]+)
for f in tree.xpath("/ruleset/rule/@from"):
escaped = False
bracketed = False
s = re.sub("^\^https?://", "", f)
for c in s:
if c == "\\":
escaped = not escaped
elif not escaped and c == "[":
bracketed = True
elif not escaped and c == "]":
bracketed = False
elif not escaped and not bracketed and c == ".":
return False
elif not bracketed and c == "/":
escaped = False
return True
def test_space_in_to(tree):
# Rules where the to pattern contains a space.
for t in tree.xpath("/ruleset/rule/@to"):
if ' ' in t:
return False
return True
def test_unencrypted_to(tree):
# Rules that redirect to something other than https.
# This used to test for http: but testing for lack of https: will
# catch more kinds of mistakes.
for t in tree.xpath("/ruleset/rule/@to"):
if t[:6] != "https:":
return False
return True
def test_backslash_in_to(tree):
# Rules containing backslashes in to pattern.
for t in tree.xpath("/ruleset/rule/@to"):
if '\\' in t:
return False
return True
def test_no_trailing_slash(tree):
# Rules not containing trailing slash in from or to pattern.
for r in tree.xpath("/ruleset/rule"):
f, t = r.get("from"), r.get("to")
if not"//.*/", f):
return False
if not"//.*/", t):
return False
return True
def test_lacks_target_host(tree):
# Rules that lack at least one target host (target tag with host attr).
return not not tree.xpath("/ruleset/target/@host")
def test_bad_target_host(tree):
# Rules where a target host contains multiple wildcards or a slash.
for target in tree.xpath("/ruleset/target/@host"):
if "/" in target:
return False
if target.count("*") > 1:
return False
return True
def test_duplicated_target_host(tree):
# Rules where a single target host appears more than once.
targets = tree.xpath("/ruleset/target/@host")
return len(set(targets)) == len(targets)
printable_characters = set(map(chr, xrange(32, 127)))
def test_non_ascii(tree):
# Rules containing non-printable characters.
for t in tree.xpath("/ruleset/rule/@to"):
for c in t:
if c not in printable_characters:
return False
return True
tests = [test_not_anchored, test_bad_regexp, test_unescaped_dots,
test_space_in_to, test_unencrypted_to, test_backslash_in_to,
test_no_trailing_slash, test_lacks_target_host, test_bad_target_host,
test_duplicated_target_host, test_non_ascii]
failure = 0
seen_file = False
all_targets = set()
all_names = set()
for fi in os.listdir("."):
if fi[-4:] != ".xml": continue
tree = etree.parse(fi)
seen_file = True
except Exception, oops:
failure = 1
sys.stdout.write("%s failed XML validity: %s\n" % (fi, oops))
ruleset_name = tree.xpath("/ruleset/@name")[0]
if ruleset_name in all_names:
failure = 1
sys.stdout.write("failure: duplicate ruleset name %s\n" % ruleset_name)
for test in tests:
if not test(tree):
failure = 1
sys.stdout.write("failure: %s failed test %s\n" % (fi, test))
for target in tree.xpath("/ruleset/target/@host"):
if target in all_targets:
sys.stdout.write("warning: duplicate target: %s\n" % target)
if not seen_file:
sys.stdout.write("There were no valid XML files in the current or ")
sys.stdout.write("specified directory.\n")
failure = 3