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a simple make-based weblog platform
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Welcome to metamake, a weblog system based on make. This probably isn't usable by anyone but extreme geeks, but here it is if you're interested.


cd /path/to/weblog
git clone code


  • singlepage.tmpl is the template for the entry page
  • conf/indexes lets you list index templates (RSS, index.html, etc.), e.g.: rss.tmpl rss.xml index.tmpl index.html

Templates are standard Cheetah templates with variables file (filename), title, body (converted using Markdown), and date (creation date). The multi-entry templates have these inside a list named entries.


$ cat > _postname.txt
# The Truth About Purple

Through copious research I have discovered that purple is not really a color.
Call Dan Rather!

$ echo postname >> list
$ make

The first time the Makefile won't exist yet, so you'll have to run:

python code/ > Makefile

Aaron Swartz:

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