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Never forget to take out the trash again!
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Never forget to take out the trash again! Web Scheduler can temporarily block your Internet access until you take out the trash, or check the mail, or walk the dog - whatever needs done! There is even a snooze feature with a convenient pop-up window that will count down the remaining snooze time for extra motivation.

In it's current state, Web Scheduler will reconfigure your Linux-based Shorewall firewall to redirect Internet access (port 80 only) to the local system, on which you run a web server that hosts the Web Scheduler package. The rules included perform this redirection starting at noon on Sunday, but this can easily be modified.

This project should serve as a framework for a more comprehensive application in the future which allows you to, say, disable Internet access to your kids' computers at bedtime, or have different task reminders for different users based on IP address or some other mechanism. The possibilities are endless!
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