Simple GAE starter app augmented with Twitter's Bootstrap
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Welcome to GAE-Bootstrapped


app.yaml: GAE's core app description Handles web traffic and translates into business logic Your business logic goes here! Define the data-structures you'll be persisting here Application settings should go here Just in case you need to store functions that don't fit elsewhere Just in case you need to add power to your templates, ignore for now index.yaml: App Engine uses this to make datastore queries fast, ignore for now

  • views base.html: All pages/layouts derives from this template secure.html: Every secured (logged-in) page derives from this template index.html: The first thing your visitors will see dashboard.html: The first thing logged-in users will see

  • static

    • css/style.css: Your custom CSS code goes her
    • js/main.js: Your custom JS code goes here
    • images: Place images you'd like to serve here
    • bootstrap: It's pre-loaded
  • libs: Place different 3rd party Python libraries here

Getting started

First, clone this repository:

git clone

Open GoogleAppEngine Launcher, and in the File menu, choose "Add Existing Application" and select the gaebootstrapped folder.

Next, open the project and do a search on "changethis" to find places you should provide an updated value.

In particular:

  • Update the app name in app.yaml
  • In, provide a random guid for SECURE_COOKIE
  • In the templates, update the html titles accordingly
  • In base.html, provide a valid Google Analytics profile ID


App Engine Dashboard

App Engine Overview and Docs

Twitter Bootstrap Documentation