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A plugin for the Elite Dangerous Market Connector, specifically written for the Hutton Orbital Truckers.

This helps us keep track and credit all you commanders for the work you do for us and all of the great things you do to help us.

All the stats can be found here

Installing the Addon

Please grab your preferred version from the Downloads Page and install doing the following

Note : If your familiar with EDMC this plugin is installed the same way as any other plugin

If you have not installed EDMC or a plugin before, this will help you get started :-

  1. Download a program called Elite Dangerous Market Connector (EDMC) from here (This is what our plugin uses to work)
  2. Install the program you just downloaded.
  3. Open the program. (You may need to go to C:\Program Files (x86)\EDMarketConnector and open it from there. Sometimes it does not add a shortcut to your desktop)
  4. Once open go to File > Settings
  5. Look for the plugins tab on the window that has just popped up, its the last one on the right. Click on the tab and then on the open button.
  6. Create a folder in the directory that has opened up and call it HuttonHelper
  7. Download Full Version OR the Lite version of the Hutton Helper and open the .zip file ONLY 1 Version, you do not need both (In it you will see a lot of files that end in .py)
  8. Extract the files into the HuttonHelper folder you made in step 6 You can normally highlight all of the files and drag them into the folder or use the extract button


If you would like to help with development it would be very much appreciated a guide on how to setup a development environment can be found here. but develop how ever you are happy to do it, you don't have to do it the way it describes.

Any Issues / Ideas

Please open an issue on Github or come over to the Hutton Orbital Truckers Discord or Facebook


data collection tool to aid in better management of the BGS



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