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Major Release of the AarsysMetro7Skin Package Version

Fixes at this Version:

  • Added support for DNN Platform 8.x and 9.x !
  • Moved out old Solpart Menu registrations at the skin controls.
  • Reworked all containers - moved out all tables and maked HTML5 complaint.
  • Fixed container css issues.
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@aarsys aarsys released this Apr 7, 2017 · 7 commits to master since this release

Latest release migrated from Codeplex:

This Release is for DNN Platform Version 07.01.01+ (Not Tested on DNN 8, Not running on DNN 9)

Maintenance release fixing following isses:
Fixed load issue on the pinkTitle Container #24734
Replaced UserAvatarImage to the left side of the LoginToken #24739
Fixed empty Line issue between Login and Register Tokens on Internal Controls. #24741
MetroMenu top margin issue on Sublevel menues. #24757
Placed Search and Login/Register in a new Containter, to be sure they are on correct possition if the JBanner Container is empty. #24762
Fixed left and right padding on admin skins and on all Containers.
Replaced max-width with width on panes.
Added BottomPane to all index controls.
Updated DnnBlog modifications to DNNBlog Version 6.x
Added SocialSkins to all Colors.
Modification on social Features layout to cover the metro7 design.

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