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A kludgy command-line cloudapp client thrown together with duct tape and hopes and dreams
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So long story short, I probably should've just forked this:

...but GitHub doesn't allow you to fork repos if you already have a repo with the same name. So, instead, here we are.

This is a simple command-line ruby cloudapp client. Throw it in your $PATH somewhere.

In theory, it should work on OS X, Linux, and Windows.

In practice, it probably only works in Linux, because that's where I tested it. Lulz!

It simply uploads a file from the command line to CloudApp and drops the URL into your clipboard.


  1. Have ruby. No ruby? No soup for you.
  2. chmod a+x this thing.
  3. Add it to your $PATH (or better yet shove the file somewhere that's already in your $PATH)
  4. Requires you set your CloudApp credentials in ~/.cloudapp as a simple file of: # email # password


  1. cloudapp trololo.png
  2. Paste that URL! Paste it!

Warranties and such

This software (lol, cmon now it's just a script) is provided as-is, so if it causes you any pain or chaos, don't sue me.

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