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A little "resume" to help me connect with others looking to form a Node Knockout team
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NKO Resume - Aashay Desai

Hi! This is my NKO resume. I'm using this to tell you a little bit about myself so you can decide whether or not we'd be a good fit together for Node Knockout. If you'd like to tell me more about yourself, you can fork this!

About me

I'm a software engineer in Quality on the API team by day, and a co-founder of AnonyMouse by night. I use Node.JS for the latter and I'm always looking to improve my NodeFu. I've been using Node.JS for about 6 months.

I graduated in 2007 from the University of Illinois with a BS in General Engineering, and did a stint at a consulting company before my current job.

I live in San Francisco and I love music.

Connect with me on Twitter or GitHub.


  • AnonyMouse - Mentoring platform (code is private at the moment)
  • StreamForce - tiny demo for Streaming API (Cometd/Bayeux API), still in progress
  • Hack For Change/AnonyMouse - SMS based demo of AnonyMouse, 2nd place winner at's Hack For Change hackathon. Probably your best bet if you want to see some existing Node.JS code.
  • Random Stuff on GitHub - A few random things including a couple of tiny Ruby projects

Node stuff I've used:

  • Mongoose - ORM for MongoDB
  • Socket.IO - The realtime framework we all know and love...
  • NowJS - An interesting RPC abstraction on top of Socket.IO
  • Faye - Bayeux Pub/sub for Node
  • ExpressJS - Popular web microframework
  • Connect - Middleware framework for Node (used in Express)
  • Restler - Rest client
  • bcrypt - Blowfish encrpytion for passwords
  • oauth - Oauth lib
  • EJS - Templating syntax similar to Ruby on Rails' ERB

Other stuff I've used

  • APIS: Twilio,, MongoLabs
  • Databases: MongoDb, MySQL (although it's been a while)
  • Frontend: MooTools, jQuery (although I prefer the former)
  • Misc Tools: Git/GitHub (duh), CampFire, Pivotal Tracker,

Stuff I want to try

  • Redis (planning on using this for a current project but haven't gotten around to it)
  • Riak (exploring this as an alternative to MongoDB)
  • CoffeeScript (already reading the book)
  • Twitter/Facebook/GitHub APIs (I love APIs.)

Ideas I'm interested in

I like working on web apps with real-time components that are useful to people. I have a vague social-ish app idea that I need to hash out a bit more.

I think it might be cool to make a music-related app (as in, making music, not finding it).

I'd love to make a game but I don't have a lot of UI development experience. I love games though!

About You

I love to work with great designers. I'm pretty UX focused so I'll do whatever it takes to make sure my users are happy.

If you're a designer looking for developers or a developer interested in what you see here, let's get in touch!

Also, if you have an existing team and you could use some more help, lets talk!

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