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Azure Service Fabric Application Restarter

by Aashish Koirala

I built this as an exercise in real-world F# while trying to use concepts such as map, bind and Railway-Oriented Programming. It lets you connect to an Azure Service Fabric Cluster and restart a given application on all relevant nodes.

To build, run the build.cmd command (you need nuget and the F# compiler fsc on the path). The build will produce an EXE RestartAzureServiceFabricApplication.exe that you can then run on the command line as follows:

RestartAzureServiceFabricApplication endpoint thumprint application

Here, endpoint is the TCP administration endpoint forthe cluster, the thumbprint corresponds to that of the certificate that the cluster is secured with (you need to have the certificate loaded on your Personal store for this to work), and application is the "fabric:/" style URL for the application to restart.

For example:

RestartAzureServiceFabricApplication d0968a748299c5f875d1936885a0708dd5df7986 fabric:/MyApp
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