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One Click Test cases generator.
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HackerRank Test Case Generator

One Click Test Case Generation for HackerRank Problems.

Are you a Problem Author?

The toughest part of creating a problem is creating tricky, correct and constrained Test Cases.

Well, Here is one Click Python Code, for your respective logic(solution).


  • Blog post on experince in NWoC 2018 by Rounak Agarwal.
  • Selected as project in GSSoC 2019
  • Selected as project in NJACKWinterOfCode 2018

Python Codes and Examples

Logic File TC Generator File
C / C++ / Java / Python TC Generator


How to Use ? 😃

  • Clone the repository $ git clone

  • Create a virtual environment $ virtualenv venv , click here to read about activating virtualenv.

  • Activate virtualenv (Linux)

   $ source ./venv/bin/activate
  • Activate virtualenv (Windows)

   $ cd venv/Scripts/
   $ activate
   $ pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Go to sh tc_generator and run the project.
   $ cd tc_generator/
   $ python

How it Works ? 🤔


Setup using Docker

  docker build . --tag=tcgen
  docker run -p 4000:80 tcgen

Stargazers over time 📈

Stargazers over time

Made with ❤ by Aashutosh Rathi

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