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You will need SWIG, Apache Ant and Android NDK to build a distributable
archive of pocketsphinx for Android.

Make sure this directory is in the same parent directory as sphinxbase and
pocketsphinx are. You can download them from http://cmusphinx.sourceforge.net/.

Create 'build.properties' in the project root and define the following

  * sdk.dir - path to Android SDK
  * sdk.vsn - Android API version
  * ndk.dir - path to Android NDK

Run `ant jar`. If everything is setup right, you will get two jar archieves -
regular and "nolib" versions. The "nolib" version contains only compiled
wrapper classes, while regular version also includes shared library.

Using with Eclipse ADT plugin
Due to a bug in ADT plugin it is not possible to use regular version. This is
why "nolib" version exists. Put it into 'libs' directory of your project. You
will also need to copy shared library from 'lib/armeabi' to 'libs/armeabi'
directory of your project.

Using in Android Studio or from command-line
Simply put regular version of the jar library into 'libs' directory of your