Starter project for writing, launching and testing Kotlin scripts and DSL
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Kotlin Script Starter

There are some problems with launching scripts that are written in Kotlin today. This project helps you to avoid tricky and non-obvious problems that you could face.

Import and build

Import project as gradle project in your IDE and use UI. Or use command line with gradle-wrapper:

./gradlew clean build

Write your own scripts

All scripts should be written in scripts folder. You could use another or additional folders after changing following section in build.gradle:

processResources {
    from 'src/main/kotlin/scripts' //change here
    //or add another one

Kotlin scripts should have .kts extension. For example hello.kts.

Launch scripts

You could launch your scripts with IDE as general Kotlin app. Use ConsoleExecutor class for it. In program arguments you should provide name of script without extension as the first argument:

./gradlew run -Dexec.args="<script_name_wo_dotkts>"

Launch the example script hello.kts:

./gradlew run -Dexec.args="hello"

Or you could build docker image:

./gradlew dockerBuildImage

and launch it:

docker run --rm -it info.developerblog/kotlin-script-starter:0.0.1 <script_name>