How does research treat underrepresented minorities?
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How does research treat underrepresented minorities?

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Welcome! 🎊

Thank you for visiting this repository! Bellow you can find some information about this project:

What is the goal of this project

The problem

  • Research is mostly governed by Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich and Democratic individuals, leaving the vast majority of population underrepresented.
  • Moreover, most studies are goverened by a divide between researchers and participants: reseachers design studies and make all key decisions. Although participants' views and needs may be totally different, they are rarely consulted!
Our goal
  • Our goal is to collectively design a questionnaire and use it to evaluate how members of underrepresented minorities perceive research that directly concerns them.
  • The questionnaire will be addressed to members of geographical, cultural, gender, sexual or other minority groups and it will evaluate to which extent individuals find research done in their communities respectful, useful and ethical.

How can you be involved

We welcome new contributions and ideas! Here you can find the beta version of our questionnaire, on which we welcome feedback. Here you can find a list of the issues we are currently working on. Please take a moment to read our code of conduct and guidelines for contributors.

A current draft of our survey can be found in our repository at SurveyTopics/

Get in touch

For any questions please join our gitter channel, or feel free to email or