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Contributing to "Minorities in Research"

Many thanks for your interest in this project! ☺️ 🎉 🦄

We are trying to collectively design a questionnaire for evaluating how members of underrepresented minorities see the research that directly concerns them. We welcome new contributors and will be delighted to have your input! Bellow is a list of guidelines for helping in this project. Please keep in mind that these are just guidelines, not rules! We particularly welcome new ideas or different perspectives!

Table of Contents

Getting started

  • Before starting, please take a moment to check our Code of Conduct.
  • A list of open issues and future directions can be found in our Roadmap.

How to contribute

We do have a roadmap file, with a list of things we want to achieve in the next few weeks and months. Additionally, on the issues page, you can find some topics where you could contribute. Some of the things we are currently working on are:

  • Designing the questionnaire directions
  • Deciding which questions to include
  • Testing the questionnaire
  • Applying for ethical approval
  • Analysing results

Get in touch

You can always open issues for any problems or new ideas that you may have. Also, feel free to email or if we can help with something!