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eWorksManager's staff scheduling application (demo app) allows you to check all your staff jobs and track them. Also helpful to manage your shift scheduling process.
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Staff Scheduling Software

eWorksManager's staff scheduling demo application is a free software for Mac, Windows, Android and other Operating systems which allows you to check all your jobs and track them properly. Also helpful to manage your staff in sales process.


  1. Download .exe file.
  2. Save the exe file to your local disk.
  3. Double click and run it as administrator.
  4. Follow on screen installation steps.
  5. Click finish to launch the app


The demo application is created to work fully on different gadgets ranging from Android, Windows,Mac and more. If you are  feeling any issues in using the software, please keep us posted in the issues tab.The eWorksManager staff scheduling software of is just a free demo software for Windows OS , Mac OSX,GNU/Linux. Its interface is very comprehensive but easy to use. The staff  scheduling application of eWorksManager provides a single dashboard which offers users to see each of their tasks and monitor them with ease. If you have to handle staff in action via this app it is childs play to schedule,monitor and complete jobs. There are so many staff scheduling apps out there, out of which eWorksManger is the top rated one because of its simplicity, ease of use superfast customer support, user-friendly navigation.

Easily drag and drop staff jobs into interface for the app to work accordingly. The app is built to fit all smartphones and consumes low resources. You will feel the light weight app experience ever at the same time you can do all your staff jobs likes assigning, tracking, shift scheduling and more.

App Features

  1. Staff Scheduling
  2. Virtual dashboard
  3. Drag and drop jobs
  4. Manage shifts
  5. Track and manage staff jobs


It is a light weight application that works effeciently on many devices including modern versions.

  1. Windows stable version
  2. Mac OS - all versions
  3. Android OS
  4. iOS
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