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A python script that:

a) parses NIST NVD CVEs, b) prcoesses and exports them to CSV files, c) creates a postgres database and imports all the data in it, and d) provides (basic) query capabilities for this CVEs database.

It requires Python 3 ("psycopg2" and "requests" python libraries)

Usage examples:

  • Download, parse and save in CSV files all CVEs from NIST NVD: ./ -d -p -csv

  • Create a postgresql database to host the downloaded CVEs: ./ -u host -db <database_name> -ow <new_owner of database> -cd

  • Create the tables and views at the database: ./ -u -host -db <database_name> -ct

  • Import all data into the created database (requires the download, parse and sdtore as CSV files first, as explained above): ./ -u -host -db <database_name> -idb -p

  • Query for a specific CVE: ./ -u -host -db <database_name> -cve 2019-2434

  • Truncate the contents of all tables (required if you want to repeat the import process so as to update the data): ./ -u -host -db <database_name> -tr

  • Delete the database (remove it completely): ./ -u -host -db <database_name> -dd

Complete list of supported arguments:

-h, --help show this help message and exit

-v, --version show program's version number and exit

-p, --parse Process downloaded CVEs.

-d, --download Download CVEs.

-y YEAR, --year YEAR The year for which CVEs shall be downloaded (e.g. 2019)

-csv, --cvs_files Create CSVs files.

-idb, --import_to_db Import CVEs into a database.

-i INPUT, --input INPUT The directory where NVD json files will been downloaded, and the one from where they will be parsed (default: nvd/)

-o RESULTS, --output RESULTS The directory where the csv files will be stored (default: results/)

-u USER, --user USER The user to connect to the database.

-ow OWNER, --owner OWNER The owner of the database (if different from the connected user).

-host HOST, --host HOST The host or IP of the database server.

-db DATABASE, --database DATABASE The name of the database.

-cd, --create_database Create the database

-dd, --drop_database Drop the database

-ct, --create_tables Create the tables of the database

-tr, --truncate_cves_tables Truncate the CVEs-related tables

-cve CVE, --cvs_number CVE Print info for a CVE (CVSS score and other)

Please check the CVE Manager pdf file for more capabilities, information, and screenshots.